Bright Sparks Project 2013

Blog written by Karen Shortland - Assistant Bandmaster

If you saw the April/May 2013 edition of Scouting Magazine, you may remember an article entitled "Scouting for Talent".
The Bright Sparks Project was an idea thought of by Tony Lundon (member of the band 'Liberty X') in conjunction with The Cell Productions, as a result of them being involved in making a short video advert for Scouting called 'Expect More', which illustrated the opportunities available to youngsters within the Movement.
The idea was to launch a national talent competition open to any young creative Scouts, being either in front of, or behind the camera.
The main aim of the project would be to create a collaborative music album with contributions from well-known artists along with Scouts, which would be available in Autumn 2013.
You can find out more on the official website
Tony Lundon, who is also a director at The Cell Productions, made the following comments in the magazine article: -
"Young people are united in their love of music and film and they are tools by which we can communicate with them".
"Outdoor adventure is at the heart of Scouting but the positive development of young people is the overall goal, and it's fantastic that the Movement recognises that music, film and technology have a part to play".
"One of my proudest moments was holding my first album, seeing my name on it and knowing that I created something special. I'd like everyone to experience that sense of achievement".
"To press play on a great piece of music and tell someone 'I played a part in making that' is a thrill that could positively affect every young person's life".
"Using the tools of music, film and technology, we have a real opportunity to reach out to, communicate with and inspire a generation and that's an exciting prospect".
(All comments above re-produced with direct permission from Tony Lundon)
With 2013 marking 1st Hook Band's 75th anniversary, the band leaders agreed that we should enter the competition and give our youngsters the chance to experience something special, with a trip to a recording studio if we were one of the lucky winners, and knowing that we played a part in such an exciting new project.
We entered two videos, with the aim of getting as many people to view them as possible, and working our way up the Bright Sparks Project Youtube chart.
Here are our two entries: -

Instant Concert


Something Inside So Strong

I am pleased to say that 1st Hook Scout & Guide Band are indeed one of the Bright Sparks winners!
The judges were impressed with our version of Instant Concert and have invited us to take part in the first ever Bright Sparks Project music album.
Thank-you to everyone who viewed our videos and shared the links in order for others to watch them too.
It will be a Christmas themed album, and we will be playing the popular Christmas carol 'O Come All Ye Faithful' joined by another of the Bright Sparks Project winners who will be singing with us - David Woods.
David sang a version of 'Bring him home' for his Bright Sparks entry (you can also find his clip on Youtube or the Bright Sparks Project website too).
In the very near future we will be taking a trip to the recording studio, and once the album is ready for distribution we will then have copies available to purchase.
Our cd sales will also enable us to raise funds for 1st Hook Scout Group.
Recording date booked!
On Saturday 28th September, after playing in the parade at this year's Surbiton Festival, the band are heading straight down to Biggin Hill for their recording session at Galactic Studios, working with top music producers Audiofreaks.
This will be an exciting new experience for both the band leaders and youngsters alike, and hopefully we'll get some photographs posted on here so you can see how we got on.
Do also keep an eye on the Bright Sparks website (address at the top of this page), and if you use social media, you can also look up Bright Sparks Project on Facebook and Twitter for updates and photographs.
Recording done!
We had a great afternoon at Galactic Studios for the track recording. Everyone enjoyed the experience, and all the people from both Galactic and Audiofreaks were very complimentary about 1st Hook, saying they thought we were very professional and that the younger members were well behaved and followed all of the instructions they were given, adding that they had really enjoyed working with us as a result.
Once the recording was complete, we were allowed to have a good look around the new studios, and heard about the developments they are working on at the moment. The producers were all happy to answer any questions that our members had about what is involved and the equipment used, as well as some of the bands and singers that had recorded there previously.
Thank-you to everyone in the band who took part, you all worked as a team and did exactly what was asked of us.
We are all looking forward to hearing the finished track, as we didn't meet David on the day and the two recordings will be put together by Audiofreaks.
We took a few photographs during the recording session. If you are on Facebook you can see some on the official Bright Sparks Project page as well as the official Band page too.
This is the Bright Sparks Project Christmas album cover, along with the cover for the first single 'Let it out'.
The first single 'Let It Out' is now available to download from iTunes and Amazon.
All profits from sales of the single are being put back straight into Scouting, to enable more youngsters to join the organisation and take part in experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to try.
In case you missed it, this is the official video, featuring Kayleigh Ann Walters, an Explorer Scout from Sutton Coldfield, as the first ever Bright Sparks winner: -

YouTube Video

The album is now available, and will retail at £9.99 BUT 1st Hook will be selling copies at a discounted price of just £7.00.
Any profits we make on our CD sales come directly back to us at 1st Hook Scout Group, and we can also claim Gift Aid back on every CD we sell too, enabling us to raise even more.
You can hear clips of all the album tracks on the official Bright Sparks Project website (address at the top of this page). Just click on their 'listen & view' tab.
The album is also available to buy on the popular music download sites.
If you would be interested in ordering a CD copy from 1st Hook please send me an email at